The Brighton and Hove Albion manager has said that he is extremely bored of talking about the problems faced by the club in front of goal in the last few weeks. It has been a disappointing run in front of goal for the club in the last five games as they have managed just one goal. Speaking about this disappointing run, the manager Gus Poyet has said that it has been a very difficult time for the club. He has also said that it has been extremely difficult to analyse the reasons for not scoring enough goals in these matches.

He has apologised to the fans for the bad performances put in by the team in terms of scoring. It was not long now that Brighton and Hove Albion were top of the table. However, they have slipped to the ninth position in the last few weeks. They were recently beaten 1-0 by Leicester City, who are currently top of the table. Gus Poyet is hoping that the team finds its form in front of goal and quickly recovers from this slump. He has said that the club will still be able to challenge for promotion spot this season.

“It’s difficult to analyse. I’m getting bored and fed up of repeating the same words. I feel sorry for the fans. We could talk forever. How are we going to score? Who knows? It doesn’t look like we have enough quality. I don’t know. Every time we get a player we need to explain too many things. We don’t just run about and play 50-50 football. We have an idea and rules we have to respect,” said the manager. As a result of the goalscoring problems, the club remain without a win since the end of September when they won 2-1 against Millwall.

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