Hyppia confident they can reform

“We are not particularly looking at something but, of course, we need goals. They have to come from somewhere. I hope our offensive players start to score goals and then we are okay. If not of course the pressure will be greater to get somebody on loan but at the moment we don’t have a target to go for. We’ll just wait. I’m quite confident that we have goal scorers in our team but they need to do the right things and they need to want to be in the box to score those goals when the balls are coming in.”

That was the statement released by Brighton’s Sami Hyypia only a few days ago as the Finish manager was asked if whether or not he was taking into consideration signing new forwards on loan deals and hope to boost the goal-scoring records that the club has been struggling so much in this season after only being able to score 10 goals in 11 matches.

The Finnish manager of Brighton is not keeping an eye on any forward in the transfer market as he has faith the squad can improve their current goal-scoring record on their own without any need of adding another player but considering just how abysmal things have been going for the club, Hyypia is taking a huge risk with a club that is barely just being able to keep their heads above water and are only a few points away from the relegation zone.

Sam Baldock could be making his return into the pitch within the next few weeks or days as he is entering the final stages of his recovery and is expected to be fully fit from the calf injury he sustained.

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