Brighton 1-1 FC Utd.

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  • jaffacakeznom

    @monsieurkatty We are currently in a fairytale, im going to the cup games
    not really expecting much but just to put my effort in for the team and to
    show who we are, which i can see where your coming from, even getting
    through Brighton would be an amazing achievement. we got some grief around
    getting espn in for rochdale, but to be fair they lowered the price on
    tickets to even it out. Green and Gold all the way! I think its 45/45 and
    FA get 10 %? Lets just hope the best for the lads!

  • GhibliFan1

    I’m a ‘Big United’ fan, but I’m well behind these lads and would love to
    see them go as far as possible (unless we faced each other, and I’d
    obviously support us). I think you’ll beat Brighton though….they aint
    gonna like the a cold night up here. Hope I can catch a stream of the game.
    Will it be televised? All the best!

  • monsieurkatty

    @jaffacakeznom In the FA Cup, both teams get 50% of the gate (I think) I
    ended my season ticket after the Gnome arrived, & he’s never had a penny
    out of me since… but if we draw the ‘Glazer-Franchice’ (in the semis) I
    think we need a show-of-strength… ideally ‘green & gold’ !!!

  • monsieurkatty

    Have you got footage of the sending off? (if so, can you post it?) The tv
    coverage didn’t show it, or even know what it was for.

  • steph24barnett

    your fans were amazing yesterday and your a credit to the club lets hope
    the next game is just as exiting as the last and the sending off was for an

  • jaffacakeznom

    @steph24barnett do you think we are category c? haha! 🙂 its so silly. lack
    of tickets too was annoying to see loads of room for fans that made the
    travels but couldnt get in

  • jaffacakeznom

    @RedDevilloJomero silly. sorry mate but not at all, i being an fc fan will
    not turn up if that happens , im not hipocrit! ” Wont Pay Glazer “

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